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This Reality of Sacrifice every Muslim should know

 This reality of sacrifice every Muslim should know

 In today's prevailing 'Islam', Muslims of all over the world sacrificed animals on the occasion of 'Eid-ul-Azha'. Which we and you know by the name of Qurbani. The legend behind this tradition in Islam is something like this:

"Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim was not having children for a long time. But when they linked to Allah, he was born by his son Ismail. When Ismael was thirteen years old, at that time Abraham's was in his nineties. It is said that Abraham had a dream in which 'God' spoke to him to dedicate his most beloved 'item'. After that, Abraham thought of ascertaining his most beloved son, Ismail.

The story further says that at the time of the sacrifice, when Abraham is going to kneel on his son's neck by strapping his own and his son's neck, then only an angel removes 'Ismail' from there and places a 'sheep' in his place. , Which Abraham treats as his son. Later Allah says that he was taking refuge in him, and he accepts Abraham's sacrifice.

On the day of 'Eid-ul-Azha' who believe in Islam, they repeat the same quote given by Prophet Abraham. It is different from the point that this notion has been created only after coming to Islam, because there is no mention of any such tradition as it is in the Quran, because of this the people of earlier times used to sacrifice it. Nor does the Quran say that all the 'Muslims of the world' will sacrifice 'animal' on this day. The Qur'an refers to the quarry that was prevalent in Arabia and which was later made part of Islam.

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In Arabia, Qurbani was prevalent even before the arrival of Islam. Before Islam, Arabs used to sacrifice an animal before the statue of Goddess at the end of Hajj. At that time there was no relation between 'Ibrahim' and his son 'Ismail' of this tradition. At the end of Hajj, this tradition was done only to please the Goddess and only, it should be known that the tradition of Hajj was already from Islam and later it was included in Islam.

The Arabs took this tradition of sacrifice from the Jews, the concept of 'Kurbaan' in Judaism was going on for centuries. In Hebrew, 'qurban' literally means 'renunciation'. Under this tradition, the Jews used to cook the first grain of their fields, the first milk of their cow, the first animal of their herd. Animal sacrifices were given on an 'altar' by the Jews, a little meat was burned in the fire of the altar.

When the Arabs adopted this tradition, they started sacrificing the animal on 'Bali altar' built near 'Kaaba'. Like the Arabs, they used to sacrifice not only animal but they also used to 'quarantine' milk, oil, liquor, grains, and precious jewels. In the case of sacrifice of animals, the Arabs believed that 'Allah' and other gods and goddesses only reach 'blood' of the slaughtered animal and 'Allah' is pleased with that blood.

The proof of this is the rectangle of the Quran 22:37 which says:
'Their flesh will not reach Allah, nor His blood, but whoever comes  to Him is your worship.'

And before that all the religions, that they can devote to Allah what He has given them (as sacrifices) in the form of animals. But there is a god for you, so devote it to him.

This rectangle is telling that the Qurbani was a very old tradition. It was coming from Islam long ago. It was only after Islam that when the first animal and Qurbani(sacrifice) were used in the name of the Goddesses and Gods, only one 'Allah' came to be named and the names of other Deities were removed.

Now the biggest question is how did this tradition of the Qur'an become a compulsory rule in Islam?

To accept Islam, every Muslim has to believe in Islam's five rules or five pillars. And those columns are Imaan (Shahadah),to believe there is only one God Allah Salat (prayers / prayer), Zakat (charity), Roza (fast) and Hajj (pilgrimage). These are the five pillars of Islam that every Muslim has to accept, the point to note in this is that in these five pillars 'Quarbani' does not come anywhere. Some people argue that Qurbani is part of Hajj and therefore he comes in the fifth quarter. So it will be my question that if Qurbani is a part of Haj, then why are he for all the Muslims of the world who are sitting in their homes and are making sacrifices? If this is an Arakan (ritualistic) of Hajj, then why do all the Muslims of the world need to do it? Who has gone to Hajj, do it there.

It is important to understand that all the examples of 'quran' and hadith in 'hadith' are in the form of a ritual of 'hajj', all of them are 'qurbani'. There is no such hadith and no rectangle which says that 'Muslims of all the world have to sacrifice animal at this time.' It was made an important ritual for the Muslims of the entire world



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